How is My Breast Shape & Size? With Love: Vasundhara – Part 2

vasundharas boobs

Thanks to all who commented on my previous photo. & special thanks to those who commented about my eyes, I never expected that you will be looking at my eyes too 🙂 Some of you commented that my boobs are not natural and it has been enhanced with the help of bra. And some of you wanted to see my real boobs. This time I’m sending my photo of my breast as it is.

And hey .. Some of the guys even told that I’m a male .. Lol .. I guess those people haven’t seen a girl before or they are from some other planet. Guys I promise to show you everything, But I get a guilty feeling when I capture my photo and soon I change my mind and delete it. This time I’m sending my Butt photo. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

With Love – Vasundhara.

Editor: Hello IGC Readers. If you have missed her earlier photo. Click here.