How is My Breast Shape & Size ? – With Love: Vasundhara

my breast size shape

Hai IGC Readers !

This is Vasundhara from India. I’m a Big Fan of IndianGirlsClub for long period. I like the way boys and girls express their sexual feelings here. I also have such urges, but never done anything of such a kind.

Ok anyway viewers .. I’m the one in this photo, but I have covered my face, as I don’t want to reveal myself to the world, but please be guaranteed, I’m very beautiful and I admire my beauty.

Update: Vasundhara has sent her 2nd Part Gallery. Click here to see ..

I have only 2 questions to all IGC Readers.
I will be very much happy to read your replies to my photo …
As I said, I just have only two questions.

Question 1: How is my Breast Size and Shape ?
Question 2: How will you want to feed on my breast ?
Option (a) : Lie on my lap & suck like a child.
Option (b) : Doggy Style – come below me & feed like cow.

Waiting for your replies Guys … !!!
With Love – Vasundhara.