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Ladyboy Amy is one of the Sexiest & Beautiest, and all time favorite. A Matter of fact, her schoolgirl set is the most visited post on the blog. It’s easy to see why, and I thought we were past due to have an update featuring her.

I love the more creative type of shemale pictures, even if it is something as simple as putting them in a costume, uniform, or something of that nature. So this set of Ladyboy Amy caught my eyes. I gotta tell you…I hope this chick never, ever gets a cockchop. She is so beautiful, and her cock is just icing on the cake.

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Always the perv, the first thing I think of when I look at this picture is that she’d be perfect in that position for me to use as a shemale canvas for my famous cum art. All she has to do is lay there while I drizzle cum over her like some abstract Jackson Pollock painting.

Looky, her cock is playing hide and go seek with us. I’d like to go seek, I can guaran-damn-tee you that!

Now, am I imagining it, or does this pic just scream “come fuck me in the ass?” That’s enough to make my fuckstick twitch right there.

And finally, in a perfect world, I’d be standing there above her, and she’d be saying “I’ve got my nipples all hard now, Sir, just like you told me to.” I, of course, would then sink the clamps into those delectable little morsels of flesh. 😉

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