My juicy mangoes – part 3

1 nazia sexy juicy

Hi IGC viewers,

After the response I got from you all, I HAD to show you all my nange boobs without bra…
I had 185 comments + 165 Comments and that made me strip off my top and bra for you all !
So many requests to see my nipples…WOW!

You can see my nipples clearly and I have added some pics of my juicy ass too!
I know you people find my boobs big and firm, but what about my Gaand?

    Mujhe bataayen mere nange bubbay kaise lage?
    What do you think of my nipples and what would you do to them?
    Mere nipples ko dabaana hai ya pinch karna hai?
    Mere nipples ko lick karna hai, choosna hai ya inka doodh peena hai?

    Meri gaand kaisi lagi, is it juicy or not?
    You want to smell it, lick it, kiss it or ………….?

Mujhe dirty comments pasand hain!

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