The Best Close Up Picture of Clitoris

clitoris close up pics

This is the best close-up pic of women’s clitoris on indian girls club. Many of us may not know what a clitoris is. girls vagina labia clitoris Understanding the clitoris is the key to a woman eager to come back for more and more sexual relationship with you. Clitoris is a small bud-like formation that is located slightly above the opening to her vagina, at the top of her inner labia. Clitoris size and shape differs from woman to woman, but it is generally between 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in size. Her clitoris is the equivalent of your penis; it’s packed with nerve endings and becomes engorged when she’s aroused. The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm — penetration just isn’t always enough on its own. Clitoral stimulation is the most effective way of arousing a woman and the easiest way for her to reach orgasm. Masturbation is not only an important part of a healthy female’s sexuality, it’s also a great way for her to learn about what her body likes. In fact, women who have never masturbated will rarely have an orgasm during sex.

Although the overwhelming majority of women masturbate, very few are willing to discuss their preferences and techniques openly.

Using one or two fingers, gently stroke your outer labia. Experiment with different types of pressure and motion for a bit. Then, lubricate your fingers with saliva or water-based lube and focus on your clitoris.

Try running one finger up and down on either side of your clitoris, or rub your clitoris with two fingers in a circular motion. Vary your pressure, speed, and strokes to find the techniques you’ll enjoy most.

Keep up a steady rhythm and you should have no problems building yourself up to a toe-curling orgasm. The feeling of an orgasm is unmistakable; you’ll feel a surge of intense pleasure and your vagina will contract in a series of spasms. The clitoris tends to become very sensitive after orgasm.


Don’t go for the clitoris right away

No matter how great you are at stimulating her clitoris, she won’t appreciate it if you head there right away. Women need a little bit of warm-up time to get the blood flowing and get in the mood.

Pay a little attention to her other erogenous zones. Try starting with a sensual massage and gradually work your way to her hot spots.

Fucking alone is not enough to satisfy a girl’s sexual pleasure.