Telugu Girls Pics Radha From Hyderabad

andhra girls pics radha from hyderabad
Telugu girl Radha is from Hyderabad, the astonishing blend of indian ancestral heritage with the increasing number of modern IT sector and the state capital of Andhra Pradesh known for it’s culture with temples, monuments, mosques, rich history and a varied heritage in dance, arts and crafts.

Radha is a software engineer and she completed her B.E Computer Science two years back in Bangalore. Now working in Hyderabad city. She is very homely and doesn’t likes modern dresses like jeans and t-shirts. She likes traditional clothes like saree and chudidhar. Radha doesn’t likes girls going out without shawl on top of their chudi. She is mostly online even in her office and at home. Looking for friends both male and female.
telugu girls pics radha hyderabad girl