South Indian Aunty Pink Panties

bubbly pussy desi aunty

Many of the south indian aunties don’t wear panties inside their saree. For free flow of air, they just wear pavadai and saree, and pee freely in standing position, this makes their peeing much easy while in saree.

Our tamil aunty Vimala wears Pink Panty 🙂 But what’s the use in it ? She has removed and posed for our camera, showing her Bubbly boobs (known as Kai or Kaai – pressing boobs is called as Kai adikaradhu – not Kye adikaradhu, it means mastrubation) and Samosa Pussy (known as koodhi in tamil) coz the shape of the girls cunt looks like Samosa, that is in Triangle shape. Samosa is a chat item loved by desi people.

Normally, south indian guys like only Fat aunties to bump & pump.
But north indian guys mostly prefer Slim aunties to bend and send their rod inside.

What’s your taste ??? Fat aunties or Slim aunties ????

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