South Indian Aunty Devi at Chennai Marina Beach

south indian aunty at chennai marina beach
South indian tamil aunty Devi recently went to chennai marina beach and shares her happiness with our indiangirlsclub readers. I hope she doesnt mind calling her Aunt and she didn’t mention her age. But she looks young so let me mention her as south indian tamil girl. Devi say’s that she forgets everything if she visits marina beach at chennai. It’s one of the mother natures gift and we can enjoy the essense if we visit chennai marina, which is one of the must visit tourist place in South India. She usually goes to the sea shore in Chudidhar, the most comfortable dress for women than saree, say’s devi, as she stands on the sea-shore for the waves to come. The jolly ambience, the calmness one gets there, and the sand patterns set in by the waves makes anyone who visits there to the peak of happiness and joy. This photo was taken recently on her visit to chennai marina, the world’s longest beach in the second place.