Shocking 180 Desi Girls Smoking Pics

Women smoking in foreign countries are common and people there don’t care about it. They never even consider it as an issue. But it is very shocking to know that many desi girls are addicted towards smoking. Even desi school girls and desi college girls are smoking in public and some very secretly. It’s embarrasing to see these girls smoking. Even though it is not good for men, Cigarette smoking is very injurious to health for women. It is also considered equally bad for guys who are smoking. Smokers dont realize that they are affecting the public by passive smoking.

Women’s equality is good, but not incase of smoking equally to men. It is very disgusting to see females smoking cigars. These desi girls think that, “if the women in the west can do it, why not us?”. Especially the call center girls and IT industry girls smoke a lot with their boyfriends in office which would have started playfully and after a time they become addicted to smoking, unable to quit smoking. No matter which gender it is, It’s always not good for health.

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Shocking pics of desi girls smoking cigarette (180 Pics)