Have You Ever Had Such A Perfect Boob Press and Kiss ?

perfect boob press kiss hugging

Hello readers. This pictures is send by an anonymous regular visitor of our site IndianGirlsClub. He says that this was an awesome experience much more better than having a fuck with an prostitute though he didn’t have sex. He took her to her bachelor room (his lover) and she was totally under his control. He felt as if he as mesmerized her and she got into complete mood than himself. This is an old picture of his college days and this girl is her college mate. ( We have no idea why he sent this pic ). They both were so much attracted towards each other and were as much as close like this as seen in the above picture. Desi girls are much faster than us in relationships.

He says that this was a perfect:

1. Hugging (arms around her waist hugging very tight)
2. Kissing (sucking his tongue more than him sucking her tongue)
3. Boob Press (what a tender boob to squeez she didn’t even cry)

Have you any one even had such an experience more than this ???