29 yrs old Bangla Girl Dating

bangladeshi girl in tight yellow t-shirt and jeans pant
Hi there, I’m Panchali, a 29yrs old lonely love-bird who always enjoy to take risk. My favourite spot is Ramna Park, which is best for valentine’s couples. Though lovers come here from all-over the city, i walk alone. The greenery there and the lake is doing some magic to all of us there i guess. When i see couples chatting and sharing their love with each other’s arms on their shoulders not even knowing what the time would be, i feel a bit jealousy. Because i have never been able to fall in love with anyone. I want to be love-struck at-least by this valentines day in Ramna Park with a smart guy to date. Not just limit with ramna park, why not Ashulia or Savar as these also seems to be my favourite and best options. But the preference would go to Ashulia for a drive during the afternoon as it is quite romantic.

I will tell you a secret where my friends go for dating which almost many people in dhaka never knew. It’s Shristishoido in Savar, a good place for bangla dating. My friends tell me a lot of stories about the place where couples sit under the tree and it’s very romantic there. If you have a BMW, then Bashundhara City would be a great place for a drive and to tell more, it is the best place to celebrate.

If you think me as beautiful.. no.. there is no thinking.. I’m beautiful and if you want a date with me, just leave a message. I hope dating in dhaka would be much more fun.