Vadodara Girl Feels Sad About Her Life

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Hi i’m Reena Almeida from Vadodara, i’m not a call girl. I’m a married girl and that sad incident happened 4 years ago. I was shocked to know my husband was impotent. By gods grace i’m blessed with a cute girl baby. I had the urge of sex from my school days but i have never gone wrong in my life. All my friends used to say that i will be the first in the friends gang to elope with a guy coz of my sexual feelings. I never did that. I’m from a very descent family so i never went wrong. It’s fate i guess, everything in my life ended incorrect … exactly opposite to what i expected. I hardly had sex with my husband. He never cares about my feelings nor does he have any interest in sex. I had to satisfy my sexual pleasure by myself. In front of him i have done so many things what a female cant express such openly, but nothing has improved from his side. When i asked him to meet a gynecologist, he wont listen to my words. Life is going very tough with my husband. But i cant disapprove him, he gives me everything whatever i ask .. except sex, If i speak about it, he keeps silent. I browse internet a lot in most of the nights of men’s picture and sex videos, It makes me feel comfortable. I like this site (Moderator: coz of the comments that guys give about girls. It gives me immense happiness that atleast there are some lucky girls to have guys like this who love them. Some are good, bad and straight forward.

I have no intention of having an external relationship, it’s my fate which is given by good, i accept my fate .. i think it’s the punishment given by god for my sin’s of my previous birth. But i’m also a female with all the feelings and urge. Each and every girl feels happy if she is praised for her beauty, and more over she is much more happier and the most happiest if she admired by her natural body beauty. But she expects the second part only from her husband to whom she can show her body, Only to whom she can show and should show. My husband never ever seen me completely nude even though i have did so many things like showing myself nude and wantedly removed my dresses for him. I would like to know about my body too as my husband has never anything about me and many of the people here have commented so many things about the other girls pics published in this site. I don’t want any fake comments just for the sake of me, Please be frank, any true comment about me would make me happy, no matter if it’s good or bad. I love to read your comments. I have sent my pics to this site in which was taken by myself. I have posed as much as i could and as much as i could show off. Sorry i cant show my down thing, i really dont want to show. But i have shown as much as i could in saree. I know i have a beautiful structure but it’s not worth without any words of praise, neither does it make me happy with out any words of appreciation. I have maintained this same body structure from my marriage to till now. And i also want to mention another thing which could make you angry but i apologize for that, the name i have mentioned here is not my true name, forgive me. I’m typing this email with so much expectations. Love you all. Thank you people.