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Rekha Sharma from Rajkot has sent her two photos to IndianGirlsClub.com, just within few days of publishing Ahmedabad Girls photos of Sarusoni in which she had covered her face completely with dupatta. She (gujrati girl) asked about her beauty and received many good comments about her but most of them asked her to show her face by removing the dupatta wrapped over.

But Rekha Sharma wants to reveal her full beauty, her charming shapes and sexy curves. This hot rajkot girl, Rekha Sharma has finished her college studies. She says that she very Freek and Sexy in nature. These pictures were taken by herself with the help of her Nokia mobile phone (this rajkot girls mobile phone numbers is not available) standing in front of her dressing table mirror. Definitely we have to mention her costume. This is not a normal indian women wear. She her self has designed this style, which shows her stomach, tender thunder thighs, curvy hips and deep belly button bra, navel and beautiful body.

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Some of you commented to reduced her tummy.
She took this serious and reduced her belly.
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