Kalaivani Popping Out Boobs Again

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(Moderator: Hello visitors and Readers, Ramani rajan, who is from avadi, Chennai, has sent another picture of his girl friend. If you want more pics of her, please leave a comment below. Her first picture is available here. Click here to view. Below is the email sent by ramani rajan)

Dear Sir,

I thought of sending more photos of Kalaivani to your site but i think people didn’t her pics. The previous photo i sent got only 10 Comments, so only 10 people liked that photo i think.

Here, i have attached one more picture of My Neighbour’s Daughter Kalaivani’s pic. This photo i took when we went to repair her mobile phone in my friend’s cell phone shop in avadi. If people like it or request more, i will send her photos.

Thank You,
Ramani Rajan.