Telugu Actress Teertha Exposes Deep Cleavage

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Tollywood Actress Teertha is FTI (Film and Television Institute) graduate and a gold medalist. Teertha in her debut film, played a very bold character of a prostitute in a Telugu movie called “ SONTHA VOORU”. This movie was big a flop. This is neither an art movie, nor commercial movie. The Director of this film Sunil Kumar Reddy, tried very hard to make this as an art movie, but atlast there is no message in it.

The story of this telugu movie drifts to no where as a young hero, Raja falls in love with a prostitute, the heroine Teertha in the midst of their love, there is a political overtone when government announces that the village will be taken over and converted to Economic Free Zone – a la TATA’s Nano Plant in Singur, West Bengal.

The role of a prostitute gave Teertha to do some very hot exposing of her desi body in sexy saree and blouse. Teertha’s another movie Ee Vaysulu… another masala picture in the making.

Here are some photo collection of sexy posters of telugu actress Teertha showing her deep cleavage and belly navel pics.