Noreen in a Pakistani Wedding Having Mehndi

pakistani girl in a wedding having mehndi

Noreen is a pakistani girl says that the above pic is from her brother’s wedding. Noreen is a cute girl and charming too. She likes to listen to music. Noreen explains about mehndi, which is a must in Indian and pakistani marriage ceremonies. Even in these modern days mehndi has its own place in the occassion of indian and pakistani wedding. Her mother has said that on their days, they had mehndi parties. On the occasion of mehndi parties, all women and girls, relatives and friends will gather and the bride will dance to the music and they play dholak. But now a days it seems to be perished. Mehndi is also known as Henna, which is applied to the bride’s hand and feet for decoration. Nowadays, Girls write their partner or lover’s name on their hand using Mehndi. Noreen too like mehndi very much.