Body Art Girls in Tamil Movie Antharangam

Tamil Movie Review For Film Antharangam

This film is the first of the kind to show a tamil girl body art (body painting) in tamil movie. You can see the pictures above of tamil girls body art, who is the lead actress in the movie.

Tamil movie Antharangam is the story of an girl Kamalika, who is left by her lover after loving so deeply. He cheats the actress. The heroine is being sold in the red light area for prostitution. A painting artist see her in the brothel house. The artist buys the heroine Kamalika by paying Rs.2 Lakh and takes her home with him.

Both Kamalika and the painting artist fall in love with each other, but the tamil actress doesn’t know that the painter paints semi-bad pictures of girls. One day the painting artist asks her to pose topless so that he could paint Kamalika’s image.

Basically this south indian tamil movie is a Masala Film.

The punch line in Antharangam is:

If a guy is in affair with many girls it’s “Bagirangam” (Public), But
If a girls is in affair with many guys it’s “Antharangam” (Secret).

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